I'm still a bit skeptical about telepresence robots, but using it at a conference does seem useful since mobility is really needed to go to your favorite talks. Still not sure how useful it is in the work place for day to day? » 9/11/14 3:46pm Thursday 3:46pm

No idea what her situation is, but I would speculate that things were a lot different in China in the 90s. I remember visiting my family as a kid, and there was a lot less infrastructure. I could imagine that even if she was taken to a doctor, they could have decided it not worth a pricey brain scan? » 9/11/14 10:14am Thursday 10:14am

Sexual harassment and assault of young scientists

A study was published in PLOS ONE a couple months ago that showed the rates of harassment and abuse of scientific trainees during field work. While reading Margaret Hardy's statement on what we can do about this, I was struck by a paper figure that summarized the results. » 9/09/14 3:39pm Tuesday 3:39pm

What the hell is going on with this Italian vaccine investigation?

Science has apparently gotten a hold the results of a 10 year investigation by Italian police into a "criminal vaccine ring" which includes flu researchers turned politicians and an animal vaccine company. While they don't include many details, they do summarize the charges here (sorry, may be paywalled). » 9/04/14 8:34pm 9/04/14 8:34pm

This! I was only responding to 99 during breaks in lab. And I was looking forward to seeing what other opinions people had in the other threads. I actually think I was trying to respond to you/read what you said when it registered as gone. » 9/03/14 4:54pm 9/03/14 4:54pm