If you’re in California, write in and show your support for getting rid of personal belief exemptions for vaccines for school entry. The Senate Education committee will be voting on this tomorrow, and it’s important that they know many support public health measures. » 4/21/15 12:41pm 4/21/15 12:41pm

I'm graduating this year with a PhD. Honestly, I don't feel that worried. Of course it looks grim if you see academia as the only career path, but there's actually a ton of opportunities if you look at all the different fields that deal w/ the sciences. I remember seeing a statistic that even though very few PhDs end… » 4/09/15 12:13pm 4/09/15 12:13pm

This is an idea that is already taught and discussed in cancer immunology. It makes sense since our immune system is trained to kill abnormal cells, so we have a constant monitoring system to remove small abnormalities. That's why one of the main barriers cancers have to overcome is suppressing the immune system. » 3/31/15 8:13am 3/31/15 8:13am